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January 7, 2021  

NEWS & VIEWS by MyMichelleLive – The God story in the aftermath

January 7, 2021

From the failure of the media to tell the whole story, the suppression of ideas no matter how offensive the truth is not always easy to find.  We are talking, today, about issues, concerns and truths that many are afraid of or offended by, maybe even you.  We do it with the caveat that we we need to learn to listen, dialogue and be the change we want to see.   

We're joined by Curtis Houck, Managing Editor for Newsbusters pointing out the need for a free press, Mark Griswold of the Political Bistro debating ideas and pondering, "is this really unprecedented?" Adam Rizzieri - Chief Marketing Officer w/ Agency Partner Interactive ponders if we are marketing falsehoods leading to system failure.  And Dr. Richard Richeart  on the God story in it all.