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March 4, 2021  

NEWS & VIEWS byMyMichelleLive - On the state of Israel

It's hip to hate on Israel even by Christians.  So what is the real story?  What current events that involve Israel impact us and what is the God story in it all?

Michelle's guest:

Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein our beloved Orthodox rabbi is the co-founder of Cross-Currents, and director of interfaith affairs at the Simon Wiesenthal Center

February 25, 2021  

NEWS & VIEWS by MyMichelleLive - Every culture has a God story

From the beginning of time there has been a God story. In every culture and every corner of the world you will find a creator. Other cultures may worship differently but they all have similar stories. We took a deeper look into some of these stories and delved into the differences between religion and spirituality with some amazing guests. Just remember, God loves people just the way they are.


  • Mark Griswold -Writer for the Political Bistro
  • Daniel Kikawa- President of Aloha Ke Akua Ministries, a ministry to indigenous peoples, and the Senior Pastor at Hilo Missionary Church.researching cross-cultural issues

BOOK: God of Light, God of Darkness: The Chronicles of the Spiritual Battle for Hawaii


February 18, 2021  

NEWS & VIEWS by MyMichelleLive Reason vs Rhetoric in our news and views

Today we talked about reason and logic. Logic used to be required in schools to teach children HOW to think. Then logic got taken out of the curriculum during the 1950’s. That is when teachers starting teaching kids WHAT to think. This is a very scary reality that we discussed with our guests today.

When looking at logic we can find the answers for many of the issues that are plaguing are country like gun control, immigration, Covid-19 and many more. What we are seeing from our political leaders are decisions based on rhetoric and emotions. So, we took these issues on with our guests using logic and reason to find solutions. It is time to start teaching logic in schools again to save society.

Edwin Walker – Gun Law Expert

Victor Avila – Ret. ICE Supervisory Special Agent – BOOK: Agent Under Fire

Bodie HodgeLINKS to his BOOKS

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February 11, 2021  

New & Views by MyMichelleLive - Black history month, we shall overcome.

Did the Republican party emerge to combat slavery? Are politicians exasperating racial tensions for political gain? And how do we come together as one race: the human race. We took these questions on and more with today’s guests, Mark Griswold and Dr. Richard C Harris.

Dr. Harris is a former KKK member who became a pastor. He shares his story of turning hate into love, and how he is using his story to help people come together.


Dr. Richard C Harris – BOOK: One Nation Under Curse

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February 4, 2021  

NEWS & VIEWS by MyMichelleLive - Homelessness and real hope

Kindness can turn into cruelty. Today a look at the homeless crisis from one of America's worst problem areas Seattle.   We hear stories from the real people effected by homelessness and talk real solutions

MyMichelleLive field reporter Sam Maupin in his Street Beat Report speaks to people on the street about their view of how Seattle and potentially the Biden Administration take on the issue.  The Discovery Institute's

Christopher Rufo has a video Michelle references talking about what the media won't.

Guest Ari Hoffman -associate editor and Seattle correspondent for The Post Millennial, small  business owner and former politician who first gained exposure for exposing failed  policies that affected his home, businesses and community in Seattle. Web:  Facebook: Twitter: @thehoffather

Seattle activists-Christine Sole author of  Broken and Beautiful: Let God Turn Your Mess into a Masterpiece and founder of Providence Heights  joins the conversation with Elisa Huntley as they discuss front line help and what really does work in curbing the homeless problem.  

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January 28, 2021  

NEWS & VIEWS by MyMichelleLive – Does God bless you and does God bless America?

What is a real blessing?  Has America been blessed and will it and her people continue to find God's blessings? 

Amid chaos and tragedy, we can find the blessings all around us. Our Off the Wall commentator Wall Mark Griswold showed us how blessings are not always things that we want, but the things that we need. Pastor Allen Jackson joined us to demonstrate how Covid-19 was an awakening time for great healing. It gave people a chance to slow down in life and get closer to their family and God. Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein came on the program and gave examples of great blessings being used for evil. Furthermore, today’s program demonstrated that the events and things that seem to be a curse in life, years later can be the greatest thing that happened to you. We just need to trust in God and treat others with love, kindness and stay true to your values. 

January 22, 2021  

NEWS & VIEWS by MyMichelleLive – Inauguration, can we rise above?

The United States is a divided country. Our President Biden talks about uniting the country but do his actions meet his words. The media is feeding us their opinions instead of giving us the information and letting us make informed decisions. Other countries are planning to take the lead because of all the chaos in America, and with all that what can be done about it. Well we take these issues on and so much more.


January 7, 2021  

NEWS & VIEWS by MyMichelleLive – The God story in the aftermath

From the failure of the media to tell the whole story, the suppression of ideas no matter how offensive the truth is not always easy to find.  We are talking, today, about issues, concerns and truths that many are afraid of or offended by, maybe even you.  We do it with the caveat that we we need to learn to listen, dialogue and be the change we want to see.   

We're joined by Curtis Houck, Managing Editor for Newsbusters pointing out the need for a free press, Mark Griswold of the Political Bistro debating ideas and pondering, "is this really unprecedented?" Adam Rizzieri - Chief Marketing Officer w/ Agency Partner Interactive ponders if we are marketing falsehoods leading to system failure.  And Dr. Richard Richeart  on the God story in it all.  

December 31, 2020  

NEWS & VIEWS by MyMichelleLive – Is the Future Written in Stone?

Is our future written in stone? Or do you have the power to change it?

Heather M. Dixon was one of our a guests today, and she wrote the book, Renewed, Finding Hope When you Don't Like your Story. She used the biblical story of Ruth to demonstrate that you can change your current and future situation, and in fact that God wants you to take action to improve your life. Then, Mark Griswold examined whether we can change our future even after we have made mistakes.


December 17, 2020  

NEWS & VIEWS by MyMichelleLive – THE VAX

On today’s program we looked deeper into what the Covid-19 vaccine will be like in our society.  Does your employer have the legal right to make it a mandatory requirement for work?  What does that mean for our freedoms?  Dr. Shirley Davis came on the program to discuss some of these issues surrounding the vaccine.  She also went on to discuss how to move up in your company with her book, “The Seat: Strategies for How to Get Invited to the Table When You’re Over-Performing but Undervalued.”  We also took it “Off the Wall” with our OTW Commentator Mark Griswold, and then took a look back in Christian history with Michael Austin at Martin Luther who wrote about keeping yourself safe during a pandemic and trusting in the Lord to take care of you.

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