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January 28, 2021  

NEWS & VIEWS by MyMichelleLive – Does God bless you and does God bless America?

January 28, 2021

What is a real blessing?  Has America been blessed and will it and her people continue to find God's blessings? 

Amid chaos and tragedy, we can find the blessings all around us. Our Off the Wall commentator Wall Mark Griswold showed us how blessings are not always things that we want, but the things that we need. Pastor Allen Jackson joined us to demonstrate how Covid-19 was an awakening time for great healing. It gave people a chance to slow down in life and get closer to their family and God. Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein came on the program and gave examples of great blessings being used for evil. Furthermore, today’s program demonstrated that the events and things that seem to be a curse in life, years later can be the greatest thing that happened to you. We just need to trust in God and treat others with love, kindness and stay true to your values.